Oral History of Fashion and Beauty

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back Story Cover Photo

Dear D.D.

I am so happy you found that cover.  The story behind is that although I was starting to work with the magazines in Paris in 1967- 68, I had fallen in love with a French aristocrat,  My fiance did not want me to model in Paris. He thought Paris was much to dangerous for a young American girl. He knew the business was fraught with womanizers and worse. Anything could happen.

 I insisted on working because there was a lot of demand for my gamine type in Milan, Germany and Switzerland too.  Everyone wanted the short hair and the oddly familiar face. It was too much money to just throw away even though he wanted me to just sit around and be taken care of by him. 

 We compromised and I worked a lot on those countries.  There was no partying, no scene. no in crowd.  It was very business like. I would fly in for several days at a time.I worked constantly and never saw the pictures. By the time the pictures came out in Italy, I was in Zurich or Munich or even Vienna and Barcelona.  

I had some great times with other models and seeing the sights, learning the languages, eating the food.  Even Mlano was all business until Ricardo Gay started his agency.  His friends were all playboys and romanced the models.  Lot's of fun but not very professional. The business changed after Johnny Casablancas and Ricardo Gay took over.  It did become as dangerous as my fiance thought it would be.  But it was also so glam, so camp. I am glad, after our divorce I got to experience Paris in the 1970s. Many of the models I knew then are still active now in archiving the Model History.


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